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What is the Black Bottle Brewery Blacklist?

The Black Bottle Brewery Blacklisted Membership is a special, limited supply, membership to Black Bottle Brewery. This $100 membership can be purchased here or in-person at the brewery. Membership is capped at only 250 people - so get yours before they are gone. Blacklisted memberships last from your purchase date until the end of 2015. You can start enjoying your food/beer discounts 2 days after your membership purchase date. Merchandise must be picked up at the brewery (unless you are out of state).

A Blacklisted membership includes the following:


  • Purchase BBB bottles a day before the general public - members emailed
  • $1 Off BBB beers, bottles and growler fills even during special times
  • Every 5th beer is free.
  • 15 % off merch
  • Half off pizza on Monday's
  • Random Hero program… Every 6 months we pick an approved recipe idea that was submitted by a BBB Blacklisted member to brew on our system.

A fancy beer glass
Special Blacklisted members glass

Growler and fill discounts
Growler with first fill free

50 CAL bullet bottle opener
For members only, duh

2 Bottles of Liquid Metal

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